1:2 Scale LN MSCHF Helmet


In collaboration with the iconic art collective MSCHF, the Medusa Vegas helmet was designed as a fusion of ancient mythology and modern extravagance. It draws parallels between the captivating allure of Medusa's gaze, capable of freezing onlookers, and the magnetic neon allure of Las Vegas, a desert city renowned for captivating visitors with its dazzling entertainment and attractions.

As opposed to the welcoming lights of Vegas these snakes are meant to inspire fear and warn of the dangers of the desert that the city inhabits.

These mini helmets are made by Bell, the same company who create Lando’s full-size helmet, and come with cushioned insides, a working visor, Hans clips and more.

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Delivery date is estimated at 16 weeks minimum.

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  • 1:2 Scale LN MSCHF Helmet
  • 1:2 Scale LN MSCHF Helmet
  • 1:2 Scale LN MSCHF Helmet
Lando’s 100th race in Formula 1. ONE HUNDREDTH! It’s a milestone that deserves a special helmet, and a special collection to go along with it.
His special helmet is layered with 100 unique stickers celebrating all of his races so far, and we’ve made mini helmets, clothing and accessories featuring some of the most iconic stickers from his 100 races available for you to own at home too.
Product details

- Lando's 2023 Miami GP 1:2 scale mini helmet
- Product dimensions: 16cm x 12cm x 11cm
- Manufactured by Bell
- Pre-Order
- Delivery date is estimated at 16 weeks minimum
- Sponsor logos & positioning may vary